“Last night I dreamt of being on an island not far from here”, group performance-lecture, December 2019, Mama Radio, in Rotterdam.  Mama Radio: Awkward Introductions.

Their name is MTP (and they could be real) ongoing text,
commissioned for the performance “Where is the Boys and Kiefer? pt. 2”, part of the group show “A Story that Wasn’t”, July 2019,  Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan.

Solid Conversation with Maria Castagna: Interview to Hessa A Lootah,Screening and discussion, co-hosted with Dalia Maini Troise.
Bookshop Les Mots, Milan, December 2017.

“Paradis, mon amour: my gaze is painted blue” group show, “Two Elephants: artworks and dwarfs”, Heraklion Crete, August 2017.