bi- is a tentative artist residency.

bi- is viral but it is not visible. bi- has an imperceptible budget but a real economy, bi- is broke but gets to travel. bi- comes and goes but takes up residence. bi- is a residency but it is not private. bi- is private but it is not property. bi- is proper but not organised. bi- is messy but does care, bi- has a blurry curatorial line but gourmet tastes, has no exhibition venue but a kitchen, no pavilion and probably never will, inefficient communication and not improving, selection with undetectable stakes but no competition, no glossy catalogue but a loose .pdf, few attendants, no entrance fee, an archaic website, no age limit, no nationality, no gender, low experience, rare visitors, no opening hours, a precarious future.

bi- is a geodesic line stretching 1950,61 km across western Europe, a diagonal joining Finistère to the French Riviera, cutting Corse in half and traveling along Italian coasts, across Sicily and above mount Etna. It links two irrelevant places, far from any centre, moderately attractive for tourism: the village of Milo, on the mountainside of Etna, near Catania, Sicily, sits 500 meters high, 20 minutes from the sea by car. Térénez is a small locality in Finistère, Brittany, at the entrance of Morlaix bay and its several notorious islets.